About Cinema Sapien

Every species of hominid leading up to modern man has had unique tools that helped them to get ahead in the game of survival. Homo habilis killed stuff with stone tools, Homo erectus learned to cook that stuff with fire, Homo sapiens sapiens trapped that fire in a George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill*.

Cinema sapien** is a member of the species that acknowledges film as one of humankind’s crowning achievements and most powerful tools. Film is imperative to the growth and progress of our race. Good movies – movies made by those that respect the influence of film – help our species explore morality. They deliver complex messages in tidy two-hour packages, they cross cultural borders and educate the ignorant, they challenge and change societal norms, and they make us laugh and cry together as a species. The ability to create and enjoy film sets us apart from the animals***.

Certainly such a great tool deserves at least one more blog dedicated to its use. I will post reviews about a new movie every week and will intermittently post essays and listicles exploring older titles and personal favorites. Stay tuned!

*I am not an anthropologist.

**I know this is problematic in terms of scientific classification and Latin, but again we aren’t in anthropology class, ok?

***Your dog is not apprehending the intricacies of Turner and Hooch regardless of how hard he is staring at the television